your rhythm 


Embrace the power of your cycle and access
the health and wealth stored in your body

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Is this you?

You are a woman with an active menstrual cycle and: 

  • You are a multi passionate woman struggling to maintain a lifestyle that supports you, so you often feel overwhelmed and limited by the roles you need to play
  • You noticed that your work, relationships and habits are affected by the uncontrollable shifts in your mood, energy, emotions and reactions, and you want to change that
  •  You have been on a path of personal growth for some time and are committed to creating change not only for yourself, but also for your family, community and the planet
  • Your relationship with your menstrual cycle is challenging, non-existant or solid with some space for improvement

      IF that resonates...            ...IT IS TIME TO RE-WILD      

 Hi, I'm Sara.

My MISSION here is to tell you that your power, health, creativity and ability to experience joy, love and pleasure lie in your cyclical nature.

I work with sensitive women who are struggling to find peace with their ever changing wild nature, are fed up with trying to constantly fit in and are ready to design life on their own terms.

I guide them back to the well of wisdom, joy and abundance stored in their bodies and help them trust the answers they find so they can transform their sensitivities into strengths and shamelessly embody all aspects of their authentic feminine expression.

I help them design a lifestyle that supports them so they can start thriving and enjoying life while infusing the world with their beauty and unique gifts.

Sara Jager
Founder of Wild Woman Yoga, Yoga Teacher,
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach 


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When I started aligning everthing I do with the phases of my menstrual cycle, everything shifted:

* I started honoring the changes instead of fighting them.

* I learned how to take advantage of the different energies and set my focus in the right direction.

* I learned when it's time to rest, act, celebrate and let go.

* I learned how to listen to the signals of my body and trust my intuition.

Aligning my lifestyle with my cycle has send me on a journey of building an empowered relationship with myself and finding within me a source of strength, wisdom, creativity and support.

To be honest with you, for many years I felt really good in my skin only a few days of the month.

The rest of the month I was trying to get into that 'Superwoman' feel that I experienced at those good days.

Well, no matter how hard I tried and pushed myself, it wasn’t working.

I was blaming myself to be lazy, not disciplined and good enough and there was this constant shame and guilt that I am just not at my best.

It felt like I was constantly on the battle field with my body and my mind.

I felt I had zero control over my energy, mood, emotions, cravings and responses and I was sick of hearing “Oh, you’re just too sensitive” time after time.

We are not taught about the importance and power of our menstrual cycle.
The message we most often get is that menstruation is an unnecessary and shameful process that is to be hidden or even avoided at all costs.
The truth is, knowing your cycle and aligning with your own rhythm is essential for your health and wellbeing as it affects all areas of your life.

Are you ready to release the shame and guilt about your womanhood and start feeling good and confident in your body no matter what situation you find yourself in?
Are you ready to embody the creative force and beauty that is the core of your being and find a way to express your unique essence to create a life of freedom and abundance?
Are you done with trying out different diets and exercise regimes that only limit you and bring you further away from feeling good?
Would you like to trust yourself more and make decisions out of love instead of fear?

IMAGINE FOR  a minute it would be possible for you to:
  •  Celebrate the first day of your period and take time off and rest - completely guilt free
  • Move through your days with awareness, grounded in your feminine center
  •   Have a better relationship with yourself, your loved ones and people around you
  •   Never ever feel bad again about skipping the gym when you don’t feel like going
  •   Celebrate the first day of your period and take time off and rest - completely guilt free
  •   Ditch the linear race to perfection and learn to embrace the power of your cyclical nature 
  •   Connect more deeply with your intuition and learn to receive messages from your body
  •   Say Goodbye to the love/hate relationship with the cookie jar and learn how to satisfy    your cravings and finally stick to a way of eating that makes sense in the long run
  •   Create a personal movement practice that makes you feel amazing, supports each phase  of your cycle and enhances your body to function optimally
  •   Know how to make better choices for your well-being by understanding the changes you  go through during your cycle
  •   Invoke your inner Wild Woman and remember how you can co-create with her in daily life

"Sara is a wild woman with great knowledge and healing powers. She is an amazing teacher, empathetic listener, gentle mentor and inspiring goddess! I really like her warm, kind and understanding approach. I would definitely recommend this program to any woman, especially to ones who are struggling with understanding their true feminine side, expressing themselves and maybe even to those that are facing menstrual health issues.
I now have a better understanding about my changing moods and how I can adjust my monthly schedule as per my cycle. I also have a much better knowledge about the fitting nutrients and how I can feed my body (and soul) in a more satisfying way, listening to my needs. I am acknowledging and nourishing my wildness, in opposition to pushing it away, which is a very empowering feeling :) Although I already had yogic experience, I expended my understanding of the philosophy and gained knowledge on new yoga poses and styles.

Željka Sokolić

Yoga Teacher

“Have really enjoyed this month’s practices - they have had a great impact on my life and have helped me to grow as a person.”

Dr. Martha Anne Zammit

Have questions about the program? 


10 week individual intensive 

Re-Wild Your Rhythm includes: 

  •  1x connection and foundation call
  • 4x personalized wild woman yoga sessions
  • 4x deepening coaching sessions and cycle cleanse protocol guidance
  • 1x integration and expansion call
  • 10 sessions in total (90 -120 minutes each) - all recorded and yours to keep
  • 10 after session guidelines for personal deepening experience at home
  • Personal online platform where you will be able to access all the materials for life
  • E-mail support for the full duration of the course
  • Support material for implementing the changes in your daily life (pdfs, planning templates, journaling questions, cycle cleanse protocol, recipes, rituals and self-care practices …)

Participation in the program is by application only. To apply for the program first book a call. 


Pay in full

 save 220 €


x 3 monthly

payment plan 


x 6 monthly

payment plan


Week 1 

Foundation and connection 

We kick off with a session of deep introspection to reveal your intentions and focus areas and create a vision for the intensive and beyond. 

Week 2-5

Wild Woman YOga

In the first cycle we will focus on connecting with the body. You will learn the foundations of Wild Woman Yoga, on which you can build a sustainable personal movement and exercise practice. 

Week 6-9 

Cycle cleanse 

In the second cycle you will be guided through the cycle cleanse protocol. Our coaching sessions will be focused on how to create more space for your true expression, not only on the physical, but also on your emotional, mental and spiritual level. 

Week 10 

Expansion call 

Celebration time! How to integrate the practices into your daily life, stay in alignement with your cycle and keep growing your connection to yourself. 

Week 11- 

Your journey continues 

Every cycle is an opportunity to grow and deepen your connection of the cycle. You now have your personal toolbox of  practices and resources that you can turn to at any time of the practice. 
If you feel like you need more personal support on your journey there are options to continue with my guidance. 

I believe you are whole.

I believe you already have in you all that it takes.

All you have to do is choose to go in.

Remember how to feel.

Remember how to trust yourself.

Remember how to honor yourself.

Do you feel the call to go in and Re-wild your rhythm?  



Part of your investment goes to sponsoring a year long program for 1 woman through the Woman for Woman International.
Women for Women International supports the most marginalized women in countries affected by conflict and war. Our programs enable them to earn and save money, improve health and well-being, influence decisions in their home and community, and connect to networks for support. By utilizing skills, knowledge, and resources, women are able to create sustainable change for themselves, their family, and community.


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Your questions answered

Not at all. The wild woman yoga approach is completly tailored to your level, no matter if you are a total beginner or an experienced yogini. Even if you have no interest in 

This is an online program. Our weekly calls happen on Zoom and you get access to an online platform where you can access all the materials. At the beginning of our journey together we find a suitable timeslot for our weekly calls. 

No problem. The principles used in Wild Woman Yoga can be applied to any movement practice and lifestyle in general. 

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